Download 2023 Gratitude Flyer

For many decades now, we in the Fellowship have formally carved out November as a time to express our collective gratitude for our individual sobriety. Interestingly, no one is exactly sure why that month was originally chosen, though its connection with Thanksgiving seems obvious. A.A. co-founder, Bill W. thought, for a while, that his sobriety had begun in November, but later calculations established the date of his new beginnings as December 11.

Please announce when passing the basket
We pass the basket a second time during the month of November in celebration of Gratitude Month. 100% of these donations go to the Ventura County Central Office to provide the much-needed services to the alcoholics in our community. Our Central does not hold fundraisers throughout the year, but rather we rely heavily on your generous Gratitude Month donations for a large portion of our operating expenses.

The Ventura County Intergroup Board of Directors

You don’t need a special envelope, but if you would like one, please stop by Central Office. When making your donation please be sure to include the day, time, city and name of your meeting. 

Individuals and groups can also make direct contributions with Venmo (@VCAACO), Paypal (Ventura County Central Service Office)


If you have any questions, please call us Central Office at (805)389-1444