Staying Alive Meeting Note

Until further notice meetings will be held online via and the following is a link that folks can enter anytime after 7:15 P.M. Here is the link for those that have computers   For those that do not have computers they can download the ZOOM app on their phones or ipads then use that link. One does not need to be on Camera but it would be great that they join us with at least their first names when signing on. Of course the majority are on with both but that is not required. Meeting will start at 730 and last for the usual 1 1/4 hours though we have been getting the rough edges out and we went over a bit last night. If anyone has trouble getting on all they need do is call me and we can work it out.  Please have them call at 7 or before to allow time to get everyone in. After they do it once, even the mentally challenged like myself was able to figure it out.