School Assignment Attendance

Are your required to attend an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting as part of a school assignment?

Here is what you need to know:

As an observer you are welcome at any meeting that is considered an “Open” meeting.  A closed meeting is only for those who have a problem with alcohol or a desire to stop drinking. To find meetings and if they are open or closed please go to the meeting directory on the Ventura County website.


Please be sure to find the meetings at the Ventura County website because while there are other sites that list meetings, ours is the most accurate and up-to-date.

On the meeting directory page, click on the name of the meeting you are considering attending .

If the meeting is closed it will be noted in the Meeting Information section. If you do not see Closed the meeting is open and you may attend.

You do not need to call or make arrangements to attend, you simply need to show up. Please remember that you are a guest and as a guest we ask that you do not participate in the meeting, but rather just observe. If it is a meeting that picks people to share, and you are selected, just say “Pass, I am here as a guest.”

If you see someone at the meeting that you know, we ask that you keep that information confidential. Please respect our member’s anonymity.

During the meeting they will past a donation basket. As a guest we request that you do not make a contribution and simply pass the basket to the next person. Our 7th Tradition states “Every A.A. group ought to be self supporting, declining outside contributions.” As a guest, your contribution would be considered an outside contribution. A.A. does appreciate a desire to contribute, but we ask that you respect our traditions.


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