Guidelines for the Ventura County Central Service Office Website

The primary objective of the Ventura County Central Service Office website is to provide members of Alcoholics Anonymous who live in or near Ventura County with:

  • an up-to-date directory of regular local AA meetings
    information on local AA Service meetings, schedules, and locations
  • information on special AA events that might be of interest
    forms, such as Meeting Information, Service Sign Up Sheets, and Tradition Subscription
  • other AA and related information that might be useful.

A secondary objective of the website is to provide a gateway into Alcoholics Anonymous for the alcoholic who still suffers.


Ventura County Alcoholics Anonymous Intergroup owns the domain name and is the final authority of its use and content.

All matters associated with the website shall be resolved by a website committee formed at the request of the Intergroup Board and/or by majority vote of the Intergroup Representatives.

The website committee shall update, maintain and generally oversee quality of the website content to best serve Ventura County AA members. The website committee serves at the direction of Ventura County Intergroup.


Last names of AA members, personal telephone numbers, photos or video will not be used on the Website.

E-mail addresses will be the primary means of directing communication (for instance, to obtain information about a special event). In some cases, the e-mail address may be that of the AA Ventura County Central Office or Website Committee member, who will relay the communication to the appropriate party. In other cases, an anonymous e-mail address on the Website may be used to redirect e-mail to the appropriate party.